In March 2020, CODEWHEEL was accepted for pre-seed funding by Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF – for KinesisVision. KinesisVision constitutes a multi-person, low-cost, optical motion capture solution using depth sensing and AI techniques. In particular, KinesisVision is a hybrid MoCap solution for both marker-based and markerless motion capture, which aims to offer flexibility to the customers allowing them to find the most suitable trade-offs between complexity and precision for their needs. On top of that, KinesisVision offers a cloud-based platform with a plethora of motion capture services, such as animation data ai-based post-processing, storage (library), visualization, and more. Furthermore, an online MoCap social network is provided enabling interactions between KinesisVision users (discussing on and sharing captured data as well as giving feedback and further interactions). To this end, beyond the motion capture advances to the respective market, KinesisVision will be the first motion capture product that will “open” captured and processed animation data to the wider community.

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