A leading information company

Cellock is a leading Information Technology SME, founded in 2003, operating around the fields of data analysis, online advertising, telecommunication, software and hardware. The company is based in Cyprus but operates as an expert provider to a wide of network of clients in Europe, USA and Middle East. With several years of domain experience and highly skilled technical workforce, we pride ourselves as a premier IT company serving clients in diversified business verticals like advertising agencies, telecommunication operators, airlines, shopping malls and shipping companies. Backed by a scientific background, creativity and innovation are driving us forward in our belief that we can create groundbreaking systems and experiences, investing in research and development for our own line of products and our client’s ones.

A timeline of success

Cellock participates in EU and national research proposals, and has collaboration with universities and R&D departments around the world. The company’s diversified portfolio of commercial products and intellectual property has been creatively used to develop beyond the state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of industries ranging from Online Advertising, Airlines, Telecommunications to Security and Health. CLK’s track record for successful software and hardware product development is evident from more than ten internationally marketed products that use the company’s proprietary technologies.

Website: http://cellock.com/

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